Yoland Skeete
Multimedia Artist

The Year the Lake Froze

Redefining Modern Art Through Visual Masterpieces

A passion for art—that is what Yoland Skeete has. She is a multimedia artist that creates inspiring photography projects and visual art that has been showcased in multiple art exhibits and museums.

Some works on this site are in museum collections and may be available for exhibition with museum permission. Others are available for purchase and/or exhibition.



Yoland Skeete is a Caribbean-American artist and educator who has exhibited her works worldwide. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees and has taught art from high school to university levels.

DOCUMENTARY AND Conceptual Works


When Newark Had a Chinatown book by Yoland Skeete

When Newark Had a Chinatown

Yoland Skeete became involved in the preservation of the Asian American history of the city of Newark through her own Asian roots. As a result she wrote “When Newark Had a Chinatown”, a historical documentation of the Newark Chinatown that existed in Newark from 1870s to the 1970s, and is published by Dorrance Publishing. She is a contributing member to the Museum of Chinese in the Americas, where her photo documentation of the Chinatown in Havana, Cuba is in their permanent collection. She has worked with Prof John Kuo Wei Tchen, Director and Founder of Asian Pacific American Institute at NYU, where her Newark Chinatown collection is among the permanent archives in NYU Tamiment Library. The work was funded by Melon Grant under NJPAC and the New Jersey Council on the Humanities. When Newark Had a Chinatown is now available for purchase on Amazon.

Present Life

In 2021, Yoland’s work became part of the collection of the Zimmerli Museum in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Currently, she continues to exhibit yearly and work in her studio daily—creating art that she loves.

Got Any Questions?

Reach out to Yoland Skeete today for inquiries about her visual artworks. She will be glad to answer all your questions.